Character introductions: Only Side By Side With You

Only Side By Side With You 南方有乔木 has released more posters with less than a month until its premiere. There's still barely any information on the characters with just curt, one liners to go off of, but here goes. 

William Chan as Shi Yue, a mysterious bar owner with a complicated identity. 

Bai Baihe as Nan Qiao, a drone specialist from a wealthy family. 

Qin Hailu as An Ning, a woman who was a great influence on Shi Yue. 

Li Xian as Chang Jianxiong. He is Shi Yue's comrade when they were in the army. He is in love with Nan Qiao. 

Bai Bing as Wen Di, a strong female personality. 

Zhang You Hao as Hao Jie, Shi Yue's good friend. 

Wang Ruo Shan as Ouyang Qi, a veterinarian. 

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