Shen Yue together with F4 in their first group pictorial for Meteor Garden

Being the last out of the main cast to be unveiled, actress Shen Yue who plays the titular role of Shan Cai wasn't in the F4 pictorial with Harper's Bazaar last November so it only seems fitting that she gets a proper reintroduction along with cast members Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leung and Caesar Wu as they grace the online cover for Elle China this February.

Even though Dylan Wang is missing the classic Dao Ming Si perm that seems to have gone on Darren Chen's head instead (he plays Hua Ze Lei), seeing the whole ensemble together does give off that familiar vibe of a Meteor Garden adaptation. I'm really liking the cast on visuals alone, more so now that Shen Yue has proven to be an endearingly charismatic actress due to her successful acting debut in A Love So Beautiful. 

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  1. You are so right Darren Chen's hair should be on Dylan instead. Are they not going to do anything with hsi hair for the drama? That's disappointing. I hope Dylan is a good actor because I'm just not getting Dào Míng Sì from him. He's basically guaranteed success no matter his acting ability but I hope he is can act because Domyouji/ Dào Míng Sì isn't an easy character to get right.