Ruby Lin turns 42 in the company of hubby and friends

First off, let's start by gushing over the fact that Ruby Lin still looks young despite being in her forties. She turned 42 on January 27 and posted pictures from her simple and seemingly drunken birthday bash with hubby Wallace Huo, Tiffany Hsu and Melvin Sia among others. Someone help me out here because I'm so behind with Taiwan showbiz to identify the rest of the people though I assume that at least a few more guests are celebrities? It seems like a fun gathering though and how cheeky is it that they blurred over 15 bottles of alcohol with a giant heart sticker. 

Ruby Lin writes, "Thank you to those who love me, everyday of my life, I feel love and warmth, time flies, but we will keep walking for a long time, always and forever."

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  1. Greg Han and Derek Chang are in photo #3 w/the big bday cake. The three co-star in Ruby Lin's current Tdrama "My Dear Boy". Unsure who the others are.