Luis Fonsi's hit song Despacito gets a Mandarin version featuring JJ Lin

One might say this song is way overplayed, but I still get a kick out of listening to it whether it's the original Luis Fonsi song ft. Daddy Yankee or the American remix with Justin Bieber. Despacito is undeniably a chart topper worldwide and maybe the Mandarin version will give it another boost especially to the wider Chinese-speaking audience. I honestly found it weird at first, but it's JJ Lin and he definitely puts his own spin to the song. Luis Fonsi sings a few lines in Mandarin too and he's pronunciation's not half bad. 

You can listen to the song at LouisFonsiVevo on Youtube

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  1. Luis Fonsi is just going to milk and milk this song isn't he?

    1. lol yess, but why not, right? haha I read somewhere that Luis Fonsi approached JJ Lin or a collab.