Day & Night continues with a season 2

Day & Night Season 2
Ever since Day & Night 白夜追凶 ended, the praise surrounding this sleeper hit has simply grown. It was crowned the best web drama in 2017 and its international broadcasting rights was even purchased by Netflix. I guess there's no reason not to keep a good thing going, which is why season 2 will be heading to Youku. 

The drama is expected to be around 30 episodes, and it brings back Wang Wei and Zhi Wen behind the scenes to direct and write the screenplay. The original cast led by Pan Yue Ming is also expected to return and the timing of filming will be contingent on their availability. As someone who hasn't watched this yet, I really feel that I should as it seems like too good a drama to pass up. 

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  1. Day and Night was such a great tv show. There has too be a S2. S1 ended with unanswered scenes. Looking forward to Day and Night S2.

  2. I agree, I watched all 32 eps. on netflix 3 times, fantastic series...the series theme music/songs are fantastic, I would like to buy the soundtrack, and I wish I knew more about the female she a member of the day & night cast? does she have any songs/albums published and available for purchase? what a beautiful voice she has.

  3. Finest crime drama I've seen in a while! Runs you continuously! Close to Stranger(Korean)!