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Tribes and Empires Ratings
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy ended with the show hitting 9 billion views online. I have to admit that I'm actually nowhere close to finishing all seventy-something episodes though it's a little worrying to read about the woes bogging the latter half of the drama and apparently, the ending isn't even a proper ending. Is anyone caught up? I hope we don't have another Princess Agents ending in our hands. 

Tribes and Empires Ending
Dear Them's television finale on Monday has cemented Kite's lead among the primetime dramas with its new close competitor being the spy drama Red Rose as it surges past 1.0% and settles for third. Being a Hunan TV drama, Love of Aurora seems to enjoy better ratings at the 10pm slot compared to Nirvana in Fire 2 which inches up every so slightly to stay within the 0.4% range. It's still less than ideal but ultimately an improvement for the NIF sequel.

TV Ratings

DramaPanda Week Jan 1 c-drama Ratings
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Top Dramas (7-day)
8. Kite

Top Celebrities (7-day)
2. Hu Ge
3. Shawn Dou 

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  1. Such a shame because Nirvana 2 is actually really good. I also read good things about Kite and it has a good douban score.
    As for T&E, I would say it is worse than PA in that it just didnt go anywhere. Great actors, production, cinematography but pacing was just abysmal and open endings are not my thing.

    1. I heard tribes and empires has no ending like princess agents so I prefer to watch nirvana in fire 2 and the second season of advisors alliance. Tribes And Empires also tends to jump from 1 story to another among the 3 stories that it is trying to do.

  2. I agree....T&E's ending was worse than PA. It was like the whole 75 episodes was a huge set up for an upcoming season...which I haven't heard any news of. I was definitely disappointed. By the time I got to episode 60-ish, I thought there was no way they would finish this drama off nicely. While I was glad they didn't rush the end and just cram everything into the last few episodes I just felt empty after episode 75. I stared at my screen blankly for a good 10 minutes.

    I was still glad I watched it though....if they were to announce a second season. If there really is a part 2, then I would say the 75 episodes was worth it but if not...the heck. Like seriously, where was Shawn Dou's upgraded weapon he talked about in the interview. In the latter half of the drama, I was invested into Han Jiang's family the most. I wanted to see them conquer the Land of the Giants. Han Jiang's supposed to be the best fighter in all of the Nine Provinces. I loved the set up for Han Jiang and Fanla Kaise.

    Ugh....everything just felt like a set p for more. So please put out a second season!

  3. So....this is where I pop in to say it's probably a good thing I couldn't find time to watch Tribes and Empires. Because to be worse than PA, well, that takes a lot of effort and a deliberate commitment to foolishness .....

  4. I'm only on Ep 20 of T&E and from all the comments like the story is not going anywhere I decided to save myself from another frustration like PA.

  5. I'm only on Ep 20 of T&E and from all the comments like the story is not going anywhere I decided to save myself from another frustration like PA.

  6. Oh? Judging from these comments it's a good thing I waited until all the episodes are out. Not even for Shawn Dou could I sit though the stale Princess Agents and definitely not 75 episode drama leading to nowhere. Life is too short.

  7. Apparently Nirvana in Fire 2 is pretty good so at least the ratings are going up bit by bit.