Three Oh My General spinoffs to air on Youku this December

Oh My General spinoff

With the Lost Love in Times spinoff airing shortly after its run and now this, it looks like spinoffs may be a rising trend in dramaland. Oh My General has three upcoming web movie spinoffs that are also based on the work of author Ju Huan San Li 橘花散里. The first spinoff 将军在上之极乐净土 which translates to elysium will follow Qiu Hua, a female warrior and Ye Zhao's subordinate in what appears to be a light romance. It stars Wang Xuan and premieres on December 8, 2017. 

Oh My General c-drama spinoff

The second spinoff 将军在上之时空恋人 about lovers across space and time follows Liu Xi Yin, Ye Zhao's stunningly beautiful cousin who was caught in a one-sided love with her. Wang Chu Ran reprises her role and plays opposite newcomer Li Jiu Lin as her leading man. It premieres on December 15, 2017. 

Oh My General c-drama spinoff

The third spinoff 将军在上之芙蓉密案 seems to be insinuating a mystery of some sort. It is led by Xiang Hao who plays Guo Yuan Jing, the queen's nephew and one of the four bachelors along with Zhao Yu Jin. It premieres on December 20, 2017. 

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  2. does this drama really has so much focus on palace politic? its so weird seeing the two main characters did not even appear half of episode. sometime they dont even appeared. i kept reading review saying the original novel is fun.

  3. where can i watch this 3 movies with english subtitles?
    thank you in advance ^_^