Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun
Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜 is a 45-episode Chinese romance drama with science fiction elements. Due to an incident, the female protagonist gains the ability to enter one man's dreams to do the things that she never dared to do. He is someone that she happens to have a huge crush on, thus beginning their fairytale romance. The cast is led by Dilraba Dilmurat, Deng LunBambi Zhu Xu Dan, Chen Yi Long, Wang Rui Zi and Zhang Hao Wei.

Both Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun started the year headlining dramas of their own with Pretty Li Hui Zhen and Because of Meeting You respectively and they seem to have completely made the transition to leading lady and leading man status. It's hardly surprising that most of the promos have been focused on them as they're quite adept at playing up the sweetness. I'm still a little hazy on the plot but who needs that. 

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat

Sweet Dreams Deng Lun

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun
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  1. Dilraba cast as a timid woman with obsessive crush on the male lead until she develops confidence to go after dreams? There are differences but her character sounds quite similar to Pretty Li Huizhen. I just hope her character isn't too pathetic. I like DD and Deng Lun so I hope this is good.

    I wonder why they chose these released stills with the two of them in those unatractive coats? I wonder why they chose those coats at all.