Wu Xin to return with Monster Killer 3

Monster Killer 3
Monster Killer 2 无心法师2 has just ended, but anticipation is already building for the next season as the show's official weibo page just uploaded a poster for season 3 captioned, "Wait." There's not much information to go off of other than the drama being yet another adaptation of the novel by Ni Luo 尼罗 which had four parts, each set during a different time. If season 3 follows the fourth and final chapter, then it may just be set in the modern day. 

It's too early in the production stage to even know who's in the cast, but it's likely that Elvis Han and Sabrina Chen will be returning as the main characters. Here's to hoping that Gina Jin comes back too since it was so good the first time. 

Monster Killer Chen Yao, Jin Chen, Elvis Han
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  1. omg so excited for this!! :D i really like it and tho it may end up in mdoern day i think it'll lose a bit of its magic? but can't wait to see with what kind of plot they come for season 3! i wonder tho if season 2 covered chapter 2 and 3? or is chapter 3 just left out from filming?

  2. I've yet to see Season 2 as I can't find it anywhere. But I loved Season 1 and it wouldn't be the same w/o Elvis Han. And bring back Gina Jin!