Panda Impressions #17: Your Highness & Game of Hunting

Two more misses for me, but then I found Tribes and Empires so that's a pretty sweet deal. What are you watching? 

Your Highness

First impressions Your Highness Kenny Kwan

I heard that it's like Overlord and after a quick google search, it's literally the same! Qin Zhan used to be the leader of the strongest guild in the game but people came and went, living their own lives like getting married and having children while he kept at it to become the best of the best. It can get lonely at the top, yet the actual story is much lighter since it's really a comedy in a wuxia setting especially once the hero finds himself stuck inside the very game that he's been obsessed with for years. It's silly, light and ultimately a little too silly for me.

Game of Hunting

First impressions Game of Hunting Hu Ge
I was expecting the world when it came to Hu Ge's comeback, but I didn't last long enough to witness his long-awaited reunion with Nirvana in Fire co-star Chen Long onscreen. The first episode was boring with so much talking. We get a glimpse of the main character's talent for eloquence that he relies on heavily to make a quick buck. He also seems to be caught in the middle of a complicated triangle as his ex is already with another and the three stay in touch as friends. Hu Ge comes off as a pushy salesman and that's no compliment, but maybe there is hope yet once the story gets down to business. 

First impressions Game of Hunting Hu Ge
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  1. I am watching Game of Hunting. The first few episodes are a bit boring and the actress who plays as his ex is not attractive enough. In the contrast, the second female lead (Wan Qian) who appears in episode 10+ make this show more interesting. I love the chemistry between her and Hu Ge. This can explain why she was the second rank on Top Celeb chart last week.

    1. ooh, I'd be curious to see that, but then I'd be rooting for her instead and if she's the second lead...

  2. I sat through Game of Hunting, even though it was laborious, 60% of the time. I stayed for Chen Long, and waited for Wan Qian to return, but she never did. The last episodes were nonsensical drivel. The writer should have ended the drama at episode 45ish, with the three main characters forming the top head hunting company in China.