KOOCAN Offers 1 Month VIP Trial to Watch C-dramas and Movies

Koocan Rule the World
I can't believe the day has come that I'm writing my first sponsored post, but there's an app called KOOCAN that offers international viewers a place to watch Chinese dramas and movies outside China. We get all sorts of questions on our inbox and considering that the most asked question is 'where to watch Chinese dramas,' this may just be the answer. 

Flying Daggers
I went and downloaded the app to see for myself since, well, the more the merrier when it comes to c-dramas. It seems like the app is still in the process of growing its library as I couldn't find episodes for newer dramas like Rule the World (apparently, you can view it if you're in Malaysia), but there were many pleasant surprises from the older Gu Long classic Flying Daggers starring Ruby Lin and Julian Cheung to the more recent movies like Duckweed starring Deng Chao, Zhao Li Ying and Eddie PengMost of what I saw didn't really have subs yet but at least the option to have english subs is there, and Duckweed is subbed:) 

That said, KOOCAN is providing a 1-month VIP membership to try the app. To avail, please sign up in the link below using the redeem code: 1127635192651797

In case you need further instructions, below steps on how to activate the code are provided by KOOCAN. 

Step 1. Click the activate link. Enter your phone number or email to create a KOOCAN account.
Step 2. Enter the verification code you receive, set a password for your account, and type the redeem code 1127635192651797

When you finish all activation steps, the 1-month VIP membership trial will be put into your account. Then you can watch all dramas and movies in KOOCAN app. By the way, there will be a little difference when you are using phone number and email to activate the code but both are similar. 


  1. I hope that they're planning on adding English subs to all their dramas. I'd download it in a heartbeat if it did. The amount of awesome Chinese dramas I want to watch but never could cause of the language barrier :/

    This will make cdramas even more popular internationally as well!

  2. Congratulations on your first sponsored post. This will also be my first time commenting despite this site being my go-to site for c-dramas updates since forever. Cheers dramapanda!

  3. Hooray on your first sponsored post!

    I think this is a good idea and I hope they look in to including English subs. There is alot of untapped potential in Chinese dramas as their popularity has increased and there are a lot of us who want to watch but can't due to the lack of English subs. I would definitely be interested if they were willing to work with fans to sub dramas

    1. thanks, I was stoked and surprised when i got an email :) There's definitely a demand there, i hope more things get subbed too.. cdramas need more love.