Huang Zitao and Jackson Yi form the the hot-blooded youths in Yan Shi Fan

Huang Zitao Yan Shi Fan New Youth
Huang Zitao has just been unveiled as one of the main characters in Yan Shi Fan: New Youth 艳势番之新青年, an upcoming live-action adaptation based on a manhua of the same name by Han Lu 韩露. He joins fellow singer-actor Jackson Yi whose casting was announced last month to form the show's main duo.

It's a story set towards the end of the Qing Dynasty and follows an organization called Yan Shi Fan at a time when the country is at the cusp of change (it's probably why the costumes seem like they're from different periods). The dark and white contrast between the two leads show off a difference in their characterizations. I'm hoping that it means that they will have issues that will eventually be resolved rather than an actual falling out since it's so much more fun to root for a bromance. Tao's awkward hairstyle aside, I think both have features that could easily fit the concept of a manga. 

Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi  Yan Shi Fan New Youth
 Yan Shi Fan New Youth
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