First posters for Sweet Dreams starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat Deng Lun
Following the announcement of Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun as the drama's main leads, Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜 finally introduces the rest of the cast which also includes Bambi Zhu Xu Dan, Chen Yi Long, Wang Rui Zi and Zhang Hao Wei. They appear in a series of flowery posters that fit the concept of a story about florists. I'm really looking forward to this just because it seems like a light and fluffy alternative to the recent historical dramas (The King's Woman, I'm referring to you). Apparently, the heroine is able to enter her leading man's dreams. Filming is still in progress. 

Sweet Dreams Dilraba Dilmurat

Sweet Dreams Deng Lun

Sweet Dreams Bambi

Sweet Dreams Chen Yi Long

Sweet Dreams character poster

Sweet Dreams character poster
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  1. Everyone looks a bit bland and tired in these stills. Maybe it's the makeup? Also it's strange seeing both Diliraba and Zhang Bin Bin paired up with other people in their modern dramas now since I've gotten so used to seeing them together. As actors it's probably for the best though that they "take a break" from each other and experience other partners and projects.

    1. might be the pasty white makeup.. I'm all for branching out as well since I like Deng Lun, but I also want another Dilraba ZBB drama which is why I'm also looking forward to The Flame's Daughter:)

  2. Really like both of these two so I'm looking forward to this but I agree with the previous poster that they all look tired and bland in the posters. I like the idea of the posters but DD's and DL's especially look kind of weird like they pasted their heads onto another person's body.