Zhou Dongyu joins the Burberry family

Zhou Dongyu
Today, Zhou Dongyu was announced as the new ambassador for Burberry, which makes her the luxury brand's first female celebrity endorser in Asia. The actress has a history of working with the brand having jetted off to London for several events in the past. She commented on weibo saying, "Old friend, new encounter." 
Zhou Dongyu weibo Burberry brand ambassador
Zhou Dongyu follows the foosteps of singer actor Kris Wu who became Burberry's first brand ambassador in China in October of last year. He walked the runway for them and even collaborated on pieces with the British fashion house. I'm not sure what's in store for Zhou Dongyu, but photographs of her were released where she's fashionably comfortable wearing the brand from the classic check to their oversized ponchos. 
Kris Wu Burberry ambassador

Kris Wu Burberry ambassador 2016

Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu
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  1. Why...

    What's with the trend of them getting petite actresses to become brand ambassadors? I mean, if they are looking at Zhou Dongyu why not Ma Sicun instead? I really don't get it.

    1. China is a BIG market and there are a lot of petite ladies in China. I think it's a very smart strategy to use petite models for marketing their products. They can represent the general populations there. I think that's the reason for it.