Shawn Dou and Gu Li Na Zha confirmed for remake of the Taiwanese drama Tomorrow

Cenic Pictures has unveiled a conceptual poster for Tomorrow 爱情白皮书, which is the Chinese drama adaptation of the Japanese manga Asunaro Hakusho written by Fumi Saimon. The story was turned into a live action j-drama in 1993 and also a Taiwanese drama in 2002 starring Rainie Yang, Shawn Yue and Eddie Peng. That's fifteen years ago and counting, so it seems fitting that we're due for a remake.

Filming is expected to begin next month. There has been no official announcement made on casting though the names of Shawn Dou (Princess Agents) and Gulnezer Bextiyar (Fighter of the Destiny) are attached to the project. Update: Both have been confirmed as the main leads for the upcoming c-drama Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日. 

Chinese remake Tomorrow Shawn Dou Gulnezer Bextiyar
Chinese remake Tomorrow
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  1. Maybe I'm missing something but from the plot synopsis this sounds like such a cliche and typical melodrama. I wonder what's so compelling about it that it's being remade for the third time!

    Anyhow I adore Shawn Dou but Gulnezer can't act so I doubt I'll be watching this.

  2. They should really stop casting Gulnezer Bextiyar. She cannot act to save her life. She is very beautiful, but her lack of acting skills has made her less attractive in my eyes. The dramas/movies she acts in has potential, but her poor acting skills just kills it.