Modern day stills for The King of Blaze starring Chen Bolin and Jing Tian

The King of Blaze modern day Chen Bolin
The King of Blaze 火王之破晓之战 which seemed to be following the route of a traditional fantasy wuxia has just pulled a one eighty to take the story to a modern day setting. Chen Bolin is no longer the god of fire but the president of a company and a scientist. Jing Tian is not the god of wind but a reporter. Zhang Yi Jie is a researcher and Lai Yu Meng is an actress. The new fight has the deities taking up arms to save the environment. 

Come to think of it, the entire thing sounds a lot like Ice Fantasy and the later Ice Fantasy Destiny, but I'm inclined to think that The King of Blaze is just following the source material that was written by You Su-lan 游素蘭Filming for part one wrapped last August and was immediately succeeded with filming for the sequel 火王之千里同风 that began in September

The King of Blaze modern day Jing Tian

The King of Blaze modern day Zhang Yi Jie

The King of Blaze modern day Lai Yu Meng
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  1. The original novel spans across three lifetimes - when they were gods, in tang dynasty and in modern setting. I think this is a recurring theme in Chinese fantasy novels lol. Ice Fantasy Destiny was not part of the original novel though, its something the producers created out of nowhere.

    1. thank u!:) I am such a noob when it comes to c-novels, but I get really curious since most dramas are adapted from novels. What other novels bring the characters back to modern setting? Do they get to keep their powers? I'd never seen it before so it felt like such a fresh idea when I first saw Ice Fantasy Destiny (though i didn't end up liking that drama at all, dropped it early on).

  2. Chen Bolin in The King of Blaze on Viki: