Model actress Ren Jiao found dead, her cause of death is being investigated

Ren Jiao dead
There has been some chilling developments in c-entertainment as an actress was found dead after falling from a building. It was later confirmed to be Ren Jiao, an actress who has played supporting roles in a few productions, the most recognizable one being the 2015 movie Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal where she played the Green Snake. 

There is speculation that she may have committed suicide due to depression, but police are investigating the matter closely. According to Tencent Entertainment, a source has shared that the actress's naked body was found in the morning of October 16 along the grassy area surrounding the hotel where she fell from. Apparently, she was also last seen the previous night going to the room of a fellow actor and being on friendly terms with each other, so her sudden passing is really terrible and shocking. 

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  1. Oh my goodness... I hope there wasn't any sort of foul play involved.

  2. They are saying it has something to do with Yang Xuwen from Legend of Condor Heroes. She was caught going into his room the night before, and ended up dead and naked the next day. But this doesn't come out on Weibo's hot topic list. Looks like foul play may have been involved, and Huayi is covering this up.

    1. Nothing is confirmed for sure, but someone's name can be ruined already.

  3. A coverup....depression is such a overuse excuse.

  4. fuck this is not me! my friend who type this comment sorry!