First character posters for Summer's Desire starring Sophie Zhang and Qin Jun Jie

Summer's Desire Sophie Zhang Xueying
Summer's Desire which was a 2010 Taiwanese drama by Three-Giant Production is getting a remake under the production of Youhug and iQiYi. Youhug also produced Ice Fantasy so it isn't surprising to see some familiar faces like Maggie Chen and Mai Di Na. The cast includes Sophie Zhang Xueying, Qin Jun Jie, Huang Sheng Chi, Maggie Chen Xinyu and Mai Di Na who are earnest in their first character posters. The series revolves around the romance of three characters. Qin Junjie will be acting as Ou Chen, a rich boyfriend, Wen Yuan as Luo Xi, the fellow orphan and Zhang Xueying as Xiao Mo, the love interest of both men. The cast is currently filming in Shanghai. 

Summer's Desire Qin Jun Jie

Summer's Desire

Summer's Desire Maggie Chen Xinyu

Summer's Desire remake

Summer's Desire Mai Di Na
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