Zhang Yixing Studio's response on the issue of Lay sued over plane tickets

Lay Zhang Plane Ticket IssueZhang Yixing Lay
Given his profession as a singer, actor, idol, it's a given that Lay Zhang Yixing would be jetsetting all over the world. In fact, just last month he had uploaded selfies of himself on a plane captioned, "Fly [haha][飞机]." I thought he'd be racking up frequent flyer miles for sure, so it's a bit weird to see him being dragged into an issue over plane tickets that were booked under his name. That said, I'm quite certain that he has designated people booking his tickets for him. 

The news that's been circling the internet is that Lay completed the flights that he booked back in May, but never paid for them, which is why he is being sued for not-payment amounting to over RMB 20K (around USD 3K, not a big amount for a huge star!). 

Lay Zhang Yixing sued over plane tickets
Zhang Yixing Studio issued a statement yesterday to explain their side of what happened. Apparently, a staff member purchased plane tickets from a middleman named Liu Quan. The amount was paid to Liu Quan who never forwarded the payment to the right party. As of now, the studio hasn't received any notice from the courts or the plaintiff, but if they get contacted, they will first pay off the fees, and demand that Liu Quan take responsibility though he is no longer reachable. In addition to their statement, they released a chat between the staff and Liu Quan wherein the latter admits to receiving the payment for the plane tickets. 

It really just seems like a non-issue, so it sucks that it happened at all, and the timing can't be worse too. Go Fighting! which is a popular Chinese variety show that has Lay as one of its members has been taken off the air due to censorship. But if we're looking at the brighter side of things, Lay's got a new drama coming up. 

Lay Zhang Yixing sued over plane tickets
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