Xu Hai Qiao airs his grievances against Lost Love in Times on weibo

Lost Love in TImes Xu Hai Qiao
Joe Xu Hai Qiao who plays the second lead Yuan Zhan in Lost Love in Times seems to be having issues with the way that his character is being portrayed on the show from his lines being changed to scenes being cut. 

Last week, he posted, "What? Lines were changed? Usurp the land? Excuse me! The mouthed words don't even match, cant you see? @LostLoveinTimes." He later commented on his own post by adding, "In the scene where Zhan and Xia were drinking, Xia asked Zhan a question, but where was Zhan's response? Excuse me, this scene had a second half, right? Where did it go?" 

Lost Love in Times issue Joe Xu Hai Qiao
Fourteen Nights who wrote the original source novel seems to side with the actor as she also commented on the same weibo post to praise Xu Hai Qiao, saying that no matter what was done during post-production, at the time that the drama wrapped, Xu Hai Qiao gave the best Zhan Wang and the most complete portrayal that is faithful to the novel. 

I stopped watching the show a long time ago to be able to relate, but it seems like the show just hasn't lived up to expectations based on ratings and general word of mouth and now this. On a brighter note, in case you missed the schedule change, Lost Love in Times is cranking out episodes much faster to air three times a week rather than twice. It airs two episodes at 10pm every Wednesday to Friday.  

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  1. You stop too quickly.. you should give it a chance.. I think that is one of the best otherwise why the online already have more then 8 billion viewer.. as to the schedule it cause on the weekend only 2 days a week, also at midnight.. it hard to get good rating for the weekend and at midnight...with only 2 day of airing time.. had it have all 7 day a week it would have really good rating.. now most wait till almost all come out before watching.. no one like to wait..

    1. I agree with Mai Nguyen that you have stopped too early. I persevered and soon enough, I couldn't get enough of it. Of course, there will be a few cliche scenes but overall, it isn't bad. And they kept the CGI to a minimum.