Xie Na and Zhang Jie announce that they're expecting

Xie Na Zhang Jie expecting baby
So she is pregnant, giving rest to all the speculations as to why she's been MIA. Today is an especially meaningful day for Xie Na who is better known as the one of the hosts on the Chinese variety show Happy Camp and her husband Zhang Jie who is a singer. It's their sixth wedding anniversary and they shared an exciting news via weibo. 

Zhang Jie writes, "On our wedding anniversary today, we got the best gift, Nana, you've had a hard time, always love you ~(plural), you are both my treasure. Xie Na responds, "Love eating the healthy breakfast that you make for me everyday, sweetness in my heart, marrying you is my good fortune, moreover, this chapter represents the happiest days of my life, let's work harder in the days ahead (jia you) and walk happily along the road with our baby.

Xie Na Zhang Jie
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