Li Chen reveals the mystery singer for the movie Sky Hunter

Sky Hunter Luhan
Li Chen who directed and starred in Sky Hunter opposite Fan Bing Bing has been actively promoting their upcoming movie on social media. It's being marketed as an action blockbuster and the first Chinese movie to feature aerial warfare in a modern setting. Yesterday, Li Chen dropped a faceless poster to introduce a mystery addition to the team, someone better looking than him and challenges his singing abilities. Hmm, who could it be? It's kind of obvious though😅.

Sky Hunter Luhan
With the new poster unveiled today, he is revealed to be none other than Luhan who actually works with Li Chen on the Chinese version of Running Man. The two have certainly become good friends over the years and Luhan lends his voice to sing the ending theme song 追梦赤子心 for the movie for free! 

Li Chen writes, "My magnetic Lu @Luhan [add oil] singing the ending theme song with no pay. With Lu in the group, we #SkyHunter# will shine...... Later, I'll treat you to ten meals of hot pot." Luhan's response, "Chen Ge's first time directing a movie, must count me in. When are we going to hotpot?[二哈][二哈]

By the way, I think Fan Bing Bing has to be acting for free too, right?

Sky Hunter Luhan
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