Lay Zhang Yixing unveiled as the lead for The Golden Eyes

The Golden Eyes Zhang Yixing
Lay playing the romantic lead in Operation Love may not have done well in ratings, but he's onto the next challenge as he confirms as the lead in the upcoming drama adaptation of The Golden Eyes 黄金瞳. On his weibo account, he posted, "The end is also the beginning, dark is also light, the road to the expedition, fearlessly, I come. [并不简单]"

From the looks of it, the premise is a back to basics of sorts for him who's drama debut was in Nan Pai San Shu's tomb-raiding adventure The Mysic Nine. His character as the main protagonist is still in the business of collecting ancient artefacts since he plays the student of a pawnshop owner. The team behind this production is worth nothing as well as it includes Nan Pai San Shu, Fresh Guo Guo who wrote Journey of Flower and Lin Nan who directed Er Yue Hua Kai also starring Lay. 

On a completely superficial note, his eyes, they're mesmerizing. 

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  1. Wow. He loves these kinds of roles right? I swear that he acted in a similar role in Kingfu Yoga with Jackie Chan.

  2. Zhang Yixing has THE look of a star. If he keeps his hair off his forehead, he would exude the mature aura. His portrayal of Er Ye in The Mystic Nine Side Story: Flowers Bloom in February was much better than Mystic Nine.