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In Youth c-drama Leon Zhang Yunlong
In Youth 趁我们还年轻 is a 40-episode drama that tells a story about young people in the workforce. Alternatively, its Chinese title translates to While We Are Still Young. The series stars Leon Zhang, Qiao Xin, Liu Rui Lin, Maggie Huang and Daisy Dai Si wherein everyone except for Qiao Xin are managed by Jaywalk Studio

The story begins when Lin Zi Yu was fortunate enough to get a position at Feilin, an accomplished PR firm with a good reputation. Unfortunately, she immediately gets on the wrong side of her boss Fan Shu Chen who is a genius in the field. At the same time, the company faces corporate leakages such that Fan Chu Chen suspects that Lin Zi Yu may be the culprit. Of course, along the way, the two are bound to start falling for each other.  

The plot is nothing groundbreaking, but I definitely think that the drama has potential if only for its very likeable cast that fits the bill of the inspired youth learning and growing alongside each other. The posters are thoughtful in depicting the characters and their myriad of emotions as they deal with life's experiences. 

Release Date: TBD

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In Youth c-drama Qiao Xin

In Youth c-drama Wayne Liu Ruilin

In Youth c-drama Maggie Huang

In Youth c-drama Daisy Dai Si
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