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Vin Zhang Cat
I hope you clicked, even though I feel a little like I just clickbaited you because I have nothing to say. This post is literally just me being all over these pictures like a fangirl. I loved that it moves like in Harry Potter, especially the cat!  
As the celebrity featured on Super Elle this month, Vin Zhang shares a couple tidbits from The King's WomanWhen asked whether they had any bloopers filming the epic 'red date kiss', he responded that yes, they did, but only one or two times. He also said that the blooper count between him and co-star Dilraba Dilmurat are probably about the same (link to interview). 

Vin Zhang

Vin Zhang

Vin Zhang
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  1. Thanks for posting. I love these and the way they move like you said like Harry Potter! They are so cute and so is he <3