Hai Tang’s Rouge Shines Through in the Rain (2018)

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Deng Lun

I wish this gets an English title soon just because it'll be easier to write. Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou 海棠经雨胭脂透 is a 50-episode Chinese drama revolving around complicated romances and business warfare. I'm guessing that it's going to be more romance than business, but whichever it turns out to be, what's certain is that it brings along a heavy dose of drama.  

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Li Yi Tong
While searching for her father's whereabouts, Gu Hai Tang runs into Yue Xuan, the second young master of Lang Manor, and they immediately get off on the wrong foot. Soon after, she ends up working at a blush factory where she catches the eye of Yue Ming, the eldest young master of Lang Manor. I can already see the love triangle, but it's really a square with the addition of Long Mo Hua, the daughter of a military family. 

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Ying Hao Ming
Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou
The story focuses on the four main characters as they get emotionally entangled in a web of deception, secret identities and a romance that is hard-earned. Sandwiched somewhere in between is the conspiracy threatening the family business, and apparently, the country as well. 

It stars a nice mix of young idols and veterans that include Deng Lun (Princess Agents), Li Yi Tong (Legend of the Condor Heroes), Ying Hao Ming (Mystic Nine), Zhang Ya Zhuo (The Taoism Grandmaster), Alex Fong (Liu Shan Men), Carman Lee (Battle Through The Heavens) and Howie Huang (Siege in Fog). 

Release Date: December 2018 --> no confirmed date

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Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Alex Fong

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Carman Lee


  1. I saw an English name for it elsewhere: https://cdramabase.com/2017/09/06/upcoming-hai-tangs-rouge-shines-through-in-the-rain/

  2. I am so so so eager to watch this. For my favourite new found crush, Deng Lun of Ashes of Love. I am just so enamoured with his voice.