Hero's Dream unveils character posters of its sizeable ensemble cast

Hero's Dream Tang Yan
The upcoming historical drama Hero's Dream 天意之秦天宝鉴 has been dropping stills for days (maybe weeks now) that it was getting impossible to track who's who. The show's finally gotten down to its last batch of stills as it introduces Tiffany Tang (See You Again), Oho Ou (Fist & Faith), Karina Hai Ling (Go Princess Go), Qiao Zhenyu (Healing Love) and Zhang Dan Feng (Legend of Dugu). 

I love that Tiffany Tang takes front and center like the regal queen that she is, even though she's simply in a guest starring as an all-powerful deity (more like UFO). The remaining cast members play humans who are anything but ordinary as they represent the important historical figures during the tumultuous period towards the end of Qin and the beginning of Han. It's a story that's bound to be a mix of history and science fiction, and I have high hopes. 

Hero's Dream Oho Ou

Hero's Dream Karina Hai Ling

Hero's Dream Qiao Zhenyu

Hero's Dream Zhang Danfeng


  1. oh drats. i got excited cuz i saw tiffany tang's photo. thought she was gonna have another try at being an awesome female MC after the mess that was princess weiyoung.

    1. haha oh no, but i liked Princess Weiyoung.

      A big reason why I'm interested in Hero's Dream is because of her though, I want to see her in ancient garb again.