First characters stills from Red Rose starring Yang Zishan and Chen Xiao

Yang Zishan Red Rose c-drama

The character posters for Red Rose 红蔷薇 seem laced with guns, secrets and intrigue in the way that a Republican drama should, and it comes with a cool sounding title for added effect. I'm mostly in it for Chen Xiao who rose to mainstream fame alongside Zhao Li Ying in Legend of Lu Zhen. I think it's common knowledge that she's been topping charts since then, and I can't wait for him to also come back with a hit. Perhaps this could be it since the role of a double agent is always a fascinating one to watch. 

Fangirling aside, I actually appreciate that the show sets itself apart to focus more on the ladies played by Yang Zishan and Nikita Mao who are like sisters (despite being master and servant) before they turn enemies. I imagine that their relationship takes a very complicated turn and then it's back to the familiar story about fighting for one's country. 

Chen Xiao Red Rose c-drama

Nikita Mao Linlin Red Rose c-drama

Tian Lei Red Rose c-drama

Red Rose c-drama

Red Rose c-drama

Liu Min Red Rose c-drama

Sun Zhi Hong Red Rose c-drama
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  1. Oooh is this going to centre on the ladies! I'm interested now. I hope it's better than Zhao Li ying's Rookie Agent Rogue. I couldn't get through that.