First character posters for a new Republican drama starring Li Yi Tong and Deng Lun

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Chinese drama
Suddenly, Deng Lun is everywhere now (not complaining)? Though he's actually been in a number of things this year for anyone who's paid attention. He started the year with the highly-successful Because of Meeting You and followed it up with supporting roles in Ode to Joy 2, White Deer Plain and Princess Agents

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Chinese drama Deng Lun
He seems to be crossing over to leading man territory for good where he'll be playing opposite Li Yi Tong who's been charming her way into viewers' hearts through a handful of dramas that she headlined as a newcomer. That includes the wuxia classic Legend of the Condor Heroes, which unexpectedly went with unknown stars to play the titular heroes (seemed like a good choice since she was awesome as Huang Rong). 

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Chinese drama Li Yi Tong
Their upcoming drama is Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou 海棠经雨胭脂透, and in the absence of an English title, we're calling it Hai Tang, which is a kind of flower and also the name of our heroine. 

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Chinese drama Ying Hao Ming
The cast also includes Ying Hao Ming (The Mystic Nine) and Zhang Ya Zhuo, and it looks like we'll finally be getting a c-drama set in the Republican era that has nothing to do with spies (maybe the most we'll get is corporate espionage). Instead, we're dealing with complicated love lines in a business setting as our heroine finds a job at a cosmetics company. So I guess, this is essentially an idol drama (or melodrama) wearing the pretty costumes from the 1940's. 

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou Chinese drama Zhang Ya Zhuo


  1. Omg yeees. All the Republican dramas always involve spies and espionage. It's so tiring now! Waiting on Siege in Fog but that has spy elements too...oh well

    At least this one looks quite colorful. I hope they keep the bright palette.

  2. Any clues as to when the air date is? Or has this only just started filming?

    1. Doesn't look like it's going to be soon. They were still filming last month though they might have completed it by now.