Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng caught dating? Probably not?

Zhao Li Ying Feng Shao Feng Dating
On July 9, media outlets were in a frenzy to report that Zhao Li Ying was seen going out to eat with a mystery man driving a luxury car in Shanghai and that they were wearing matchy matchy jackets too. Further snooping points to the car's registered owner as Feng Shao Feng and that the man in the pictures is in fact none other than the actor himself. 

Really though, it's impossible to know for sure since he is literally covered from head to toe, though I have to admit, the Chinese paparazzi does have a knack for such things. Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng have collaborated before and will surely have more promotions to do for their upcoming movie Monkey King 3. Furthermore, they are also confirmed to star in the costume drama Legend of the Concubine Ming Lan, so true or not, we can expect to see more of them together.

Update: Sorry to burst the bubble so soon, but ZLY's staff denied the rumors and explained that the actress was filming a commercial on that day. 

Source: Sina, Sohu


  1. Her staff denied it. And fans think the pictures are actually old pictures from when they were working together since she got injured recently, but you can't see her injury in the pictures.

    This rumor seems so unlikely to me from both their behavior and the fact that ZLY actually denied it, she usually doesn't deny or confirm rumors so that says a lot.

    1. ah, you're right, thanks for mentioning it. I had to dig for that article coz it's buried in a sea of articles engrossed with the dating news. For a gimmick, it does seem to have done well to put focus on Monkey King 3 and Ming Lan...

  2. It feels like a publicity stunt to me too. I just think it was so unnecessary.

  3. so what? they human too btw..

  4. Just the paps trying to stir things up. Since ZLY is really low key, they just needed something new. Media should leave these people alone. They are human too. They can have normal friends and go out for dinner and holiday. It is just invasive to people's private lives. Liying even mentioned to the Jinxing show hostess that she is scared to stand next to any men for fear that the media will think that she is actually dating them!!!! Poor girl.

  5. cant wait for their new drama <3 i wonder who the second male lead <3 i hope more guys will like her in the upcoming drama <3