Upcoming Dramas and Movies August 2017

Rakshasa Street

Rakshasa Street (Aug 2 Youku)
A story about guardians and humans fighting a world full of evil in a place called Rakshasa Street. Starring Jiro Wang and An Yue Xi. 

The King's Woman (Aug 14 Zhejiang TV and Youku)
Set in the Qin Dynasty, the prequel to Legend of Qin revolves around the story of a woman sent to the palace to become his woman. Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Zhang.

Les Interpretes 2 Stills
Les Interpretes 2 (Aug 14 Hunan TV)
The sequel to Les Interpretes has Yang Mi playing a negotiator who butt heads with an arrogant rival in Huang Zitao, that is until their competition blossoms into romance. Starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao. 

Xuan Yuan Sword (after A Life Time Love)
Two brothers separated at birth find themselves on opposing sides of the battlefield. Starring Leon Zhang, Alan Yu Menglong and Guan Xiaotong.

lET's Shake it Stills
lET's Shake It (Aug 25 Youku)
An alien lands in the Tang Dynasty and encounters a talented scholar. Starring Zheng Ye Cheng and An Yue Xi. 

Once Upon A Time (Aug 3) --> Movie
The film adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms recounts the story between a fox spirit and the dragon prince from the heavens. Starring Crystal Liu and Yang Yang.

Legend of the Naga Pearls (Aug 4) --> Movie
An adventure story set in the fantastical world of Novoland brings together a thief, a constable and a prince. Starring Darren Wang, Crystal Zhang and Simon Yam.

Guilty of Mind (Aug 11) --> Movie
The thrilling mind games adapted from the crime novel Evil Minds by Lei Mi is taken to the big screen. Starring Li Yi Feng and Liao Fan. 

The Adventurers Andy Lau
The Adventurers (Aug 11) --> Movie
An action blockbuster about a team of expert thieves performing a grand heist and the cop who is hellbent on stopping them. Starring Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Zhang Jing Chu, Tony Yo-ning Yang and Jean Reno. 

Brotherhood of Blades 2 (Aug 11 Jul 19) --> Movie
The prequel follows a time in the hero's life when he becomes the scapegoat in a conspiracy and must prove his own innocence at all costs. Starring Chang Chen and Yang Mi.

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  1. There are some actors I do not want to watch at all, and one of them is Jiro Wang. China has some really horrible young actors, but the current generation of Taiwanese stars are worse. They aren't even pretty to look at, which makes their acting flaws more obvious.

    And despite me having a fondness for Dilraba after 3L3W, I have full faith that her drama with Vin Zhang will flop bad. In fact, I think her drama with Vic Zhou will flop too. One has a horrible plot, the other that plus an awful lead actor. How unfortunate...

    Honestly, none in the August lineup looks good. I'll probably watch Once upon a Time, but that's it.

  2. Looking forward to Les Interpretes 2! I liked YangMi in 3L3W and I watched all of Huang Zitao's movies recently and he is a really good actor. I know he has another drama coming out too around this time so I will be catching that too.

  3. Just curious, how will Les Interpretes 2 relate to the original Les Interpretes? Will Yang Mi play the same character?? Or a whole different one?

    1. The characters are different/unrelated but in a similar setting expect this one is about businesses while the previous one was about working as a translator

  4. This Summer's movie line up sucks. But I can't for the Fighter of the Destiny movie adaptation...