Princess agents drops attention-grabbing posters of its main four leads

Princess Agents Zhao Li Ying
I feel ridiculous for saying this but I cannot wait for Monday. Princess Agents seems to have been gone through a short lull, what with the three year time jump and the new characters being introduced but I feel that we're finally getting back into the grander scheme of things with the spy stuff especially with the impending showdown between the Liang Prince and Princess who prove to be interesting additions to the show. 

Meanwhile, I'm still wishing for Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue to patch things up though there is some cuteness in their constant bickering and seeing Yuwen Yue riled up and jealous now that there are three, oh wait, four men enamored with our leading lady. Since there are no episodes on weekends, let's make do with the latest batch of character posters featuring Zanilia Zhao Li Ying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin

Princess Agents Lin Genxin

Princess Agents Shawn Dou

Princess Agents Li Qin


  1. 😍😍😍😍. But why does Shawn Dou's posters always have that one lock of hair hanging in front??? Hehehehe

    1. And lemme just say that Yuwen Yue's new white robes are THE BUSINESS!!! He looks sooooo good in them!!!

    2. Yess! these goodies were too pretty not to share haha