Lost Love in Times finally gets a premiere date

Lost Love in Times Cecilia Liu

I have been hearing about the confirmed July premiere for so long without a clue as to which one was the right date, so I'm happy to say that I finally come bearing good news because Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑 has just announced that the show will premiere on Thursday, July 13. 

The 54-episode Chinese drama will release two episodes on Dragon TV every Thursday and Friday at 10:00 p.m. The web broadcasts will also become available on Youku at 12 midnight. Meanwhile, A Life Time Love, which currently airs every Monday and Tuesday on the same network will continue as usual to be tentatively followed by Xuan Yuan Sword. That's a lot of costume dramas going on all at once especially with Princess Agents still on the air and may the best man win. 

We also get a new batch of character posters of the ensemble cast starring Cecilia Liu, William Chan, Xu Hai Qiao, Han Xue, Maggie Huang, Liu Yi Jun, Han Dong, Zeng Li and Li Cheng Yuan

Lost Love in Times William Chan

Lost Love in Times Joe Xu Hai Qiao

Lost Love in Times Han Xue

Lost Love in Times Maggie Huang

Lost Love in Times Liu Yi Jun

Lost Love in Times Han Dong

Lost Love in Times c-drama

Lost Love in Times c-drama

Source: Youku


  1. Can't wait! I really like Liu Shishi, and I really like ancient dramas, so hopefully this will be good. I've also been seeing Maggie Huang play a lot of supporting characters lately.

  2. Maggie Huang is in literally every popular historical drama this year; snatching Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and now Liu Shishi's man. LOL.

    1. Lol! But every man she's snatching is not checking for her! She's always in a one-sided love. I just want her to find her own man who'll want her for herself hehehehe he!

    2. i know right.. I like Maggie Huang as an actress. Hoping she gets her own happy ever after one day too. Though it will be hilarious and almost poetic if she jumps into another big production as the other woman.