Character introductions: The King's Woman

The King's Woman Dilraba Dilmurat
The King's Woman 丽姬传 shows off a much happier side to the cast before they get entangled in a complicated romance involving a woman that is weaved into a tumultuous time in history. She is the greatest love of Ying Zheng, the first love of Jing Ke and the woman that Han Shen likes. 

Dilraba Dilmurat as Gongsun Li. She is the granddaughter and disciple of Gongsun Yu who is a general of Wei. She and her martial arts senior Jing Ke are childhood friends. When the Qin Army attacked, Gongsun Yu died protecting them while Jing Ke escaped with Gonsun Li. The Qin Emperor eventually learned about Gongsun Li's whereabouts and her striking beauty and demanded that she be turned over to him. Gongsun Li discovers that she is pregnant and becomes the king's woman in order to protect her unborn baby.

The King's Woman Vin Zhang Binbin

Vin Zhang as Ying Zheng, the Qin Emperor. Ever since taking the throne at the age of thirteen, Ying Zheng has exhibited the qualities of a cunning, bold and intelligent leader. He started on his ambition to conquer the six kingdoms and devoted his life to achieving it. 

The King's Woman

Li Tai as Han Shen. He is the martial arts senior of Gongsun Li and Jing Ke and also Jing Ke's closest friend. He is a Mohist swordsman constantly on the road and never thinks twice about defending those in need. He once saved Gongsun Li when she was captured because of her beauty. 

The King's Woman Liu Chang

Liu Chang as Jing Ke, a martial arts hero from Wei. He is Gonsun Li's martial arts senior and the father of Jing Tianming (the main character in Legend of Qin). He becomes discouraged after losing her to the Qin Emperor, but he masters a new fighting technique because of an unexpected encounter with a beast. Jing Ke eventually accepted a mission to assassinate the Qin Emperor. 

The King's Woman Zhang Xuan

Zhang Xuan as Ge Lan, the daughter of Ge Nie. She is a spunky lady with a strong sense of justice. She meets Gongsun Li and Jing Ke on a journey and falls into a one-sided love with Jing Ke. Because of her close friendship with Gongsun Li whom she considers to be her sister, Ge Lan never had the courage to express her true feelings for Jing Ke. 


  1. Wait, what? The daughter of Ge Nie... meaning his daughter with Duan Mu Rong? Doesn't Jing Ke supposedly die in Ge Nie's hands, and here we have his daughter with Jing Ke being still alive? The timeline confuses me.

    1. I thought the same thing, I assume it's because Ge Nie is much older by the time the events of Legend of Qin took place, and that he has a past which they neglected to mention or dropped for the purpose of the story with Duanmu Rong.

      Ge Lan is the daughter of Ge Nie and Meng Lan. Guess we'll find out who this Meng Lan is..

    2. All this talk on Legend of Qin, and I'm suddenly missing Ge Nie and Duanmu Rong (with their theme song playing in my head), they were my favorite characters in the show.

  2. Here for Zhang Bin Bin and Dilraba Dilmurat! Excited for Bin Bin in lead and Dilraba having to actually exercise her acting chops as all her recent roles have been kind of samey.

    Just read on soompi that viki will be subbing which is awesome news.