C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Jul 24)

The First Half of My Life went out at a series high of 3.0%. It's goodbye to Jin Dong for now, but not for long because he'll be back with For My Love very soon. Healing Master exited without much fuzz and with that comes a new playing field.

Most of the networks are now airing something nationalistic for primetime though none seem to come close to breaking past 1.0%. Being the odd one out, Boyhood is getting higher numbers than the rest, though it will be ending its run in the next day or two. 

With its biggest competition out of the way, Princess Agents is seated as the uncontested leader once again though the schedule change to air an episode on Sunday seem to have led to a fall in numbers. I guess the show will not be crossing the 3.0 mark after all, and my only wish is that they do not kill off Yuwen Yue, even though the previews of him on an icy lake give a scary premonition (isn't the cold like his kryptonite?). 

On to web rankings, The Eternal Love starring Liang Jie and Xing Zhao Lin (aka Yueqi) has overtaken Lost Love in Times to place in fourth, and seriously, that's impressive.

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The above are mostly primetime shows that air at 19:30 while those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Rankings are overall rankings across the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time.

Top Dramas (7-day)
1. Princess Agents
2. The First Half of My Life
3. Boyhood
4. The Eternal Love 
5. Lost Love in Times
6. Anti-Terrorism Special Forces II
7. Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave
8. Battle of Jiangqiao
9. Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can't Compare to You
10. Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi

Top Celebrities (7-day)
1. Zanilia Zhao Li Ying
2. Jin Dong
3. Kenny Lin Gengxin
4. Shawn Dou
5. Cecilia Liu Shishi
6. Karry Wang Jun Kai
7. William Chan
8. Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi
9. Roy Wang Yuan
10. Li Qin

*The top ten rankings are sourced from Vlinkage. **View count is based on the nine streaming sites (Youku, Tudou, iQiyi, QQ Tencent, LeTV, PPTV, Xunlei, Sohu, Mango) *** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc

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Source: Vlinkage


  1. I am really hoping for a happy ending for Yuwen Yue and Xing'er. More like praying.
    I didn't expect it to reach 3% since it has such a crazy time-slot and it is a weekly drama. I am shocked it reached 2%. Then on top of everything Hunan changed its time-slot last minute to a much worse one and they didn't advertise the change.

    I am also watching The Eternal Love and it is a fun drama, with Go Princess Go vibes. It is doing really good for a webdrama with unknown actors. It is quirky and has romance, which attracts a lot of people like me.

    1. praying sounds reasonable.. Because from all the hints, it's like they're getting us mentally prepared to see him killed off T.T

    2. My prayers didn't work, but I still enjoyed the drama overall.

  2. Cold is his Kryptonite but he's been wandering around the icy forest of Yanbei with nary a cloak. Come on, show!

    I wouldn't even mind if YWY dies at this point, I am so upset at the shows direction and plot. Fail.

    Do you think you'll do a review post? Or shall I just let out all my feelings here?

    1. that is why I'm thinking it won't take much to kill him. I really hope not though because I definitely would mind. You can let it all out here anyway, why not:) That said, I will probably write a recap of the ending, I feel like it's going to be an episode that needs venting or praising? who knows

    2. Have you seen the ending? I lied about being upset if YWY died. I am so livid at this shambles of an ending right now. These people have wasted a good 60+ hours of my life telling the shittiest story possible when they ALREADY HAD THE ENTIRE DAMN STORY MAPPED OUT FOR THEM. IT DIDN'T REQUIRE ANY CREATIVITY OR IMAGINATION BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY DONE FOR Y'ALL. Wow. My God. I owe "General and I" an apology. I cannot believe this, that someone sat, saw this script and plot, and greenlit it, though that this shambles was permissible. Is this what goes on in China?

    3. I didn't get to watch the day it aired, but yes, I've seen it by now, knew what was coming and still cannot believe that they did that. Gah.. i want to vent. I get the sense that you've given up on the show completely, but I have mixed feelings, all those hours gushing over the cast of characters was real, they were awesome even though the story didn't do them justice.

  3. The First Half of My Life was a big sleeper hit. I can't believe how well Princess Agents has done in the ratings. I'm happy for the cast but I had to give up on it. The person who edited the thrilling trailers deserves an award for making this mess of a drama look like it was going to be so much more than it turned out to be.

    I'm surprised Lost Love in Times isn't doing bigger numbers. Maybe because of the airing times?

    1. You are the one of the wisest persons I've known of late. You did yourself a huge favor.

    2. Hmm I think my previous comment didn't post so posting it again. Sorry if it is a double post.
      About Lost Love in Times, it has the same airing time as Princess Agents just different days of the week. That shouldn't be the reason for the low ratings. It will probably pick up a little now that Princess Agents ended. But it is honestly not doing that good if you look at online views. It was a big anticipated IP drama, but after a few weeks it has less views than The Eternal Love, a webdrama with an unknown cast airing only on Tencent.

      As for Princess Agents, even if I am very disappointed with the ending I don't regret watching it. I loved the characters and the story. It felt different and nothing like the typical characters we get in dramas. The actors were great. It is just a shame that the screenwriter and director were not able to deliver the same level of quality as the actors.

  4. @Lady Jaye: LMAO! Thank you! It's sad because like so many others I was looking forward to this for months but I could not even get past episode 10. I feel bad for all of you that invested weeks on this.

  5. Hi! Just starting to follow the ratings game and had a few questions:

    1. What are considered 'good' ratings, 'ok' ratings, and 'poor' ratings in China? Even the highest ranked show seems to average ~3%. Is that very good? Moreover, what are the records in regards to ratings in China?

    2. Are there specific timeslots that are considered 'primetime'? If so, which are these?

    3. Do rankings take into account that some timeslots have larger audiences to begin with (i.e. primetime)? I saw some figures about 'audience share (收视份额)' in contrast to 'rating (收视率)', is that a more accurate number + what are the records when it comes to audience share and what is considered good/ok/poor?

    4. Why are some tv shows broadcast on multiple channels, and are ratings from two different channels added together or treated as separate figures? Similarly, how many tv channels are there?

    5. I see internet ratings of chinese dramas very often as well. Are internet ratings as important, and do they normally translate to high tv ratings too?

    1. hi sorry for the late response. I had meant to respond sooner but then I figured that it would be worth writing a post to answer your questions, but then it got delayed endlessly until today :(

      That said, I've just written up an article on it. Pls. let me know if I missed any of your qs. I think internet ratings are basically viewcount which should be gauged similarly to any other online streaming site. I don't think it's an exact science that online ratings will be proportional to TV, but in theory it would because if a show is popular, viewers would want to watch it in any form (which results in increased ratings/views).

      Hope it helps. I am not entirely sure about most of these either, just my observations. http://www.dramapanda.com/2017/08/c-drama-viewership-ratings-explained.html