C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Jul 17)

Princess Agents
Princess Agents and The First Half of My Life continue to be neck and neck as they challenge new highs to hover just above 2.5%. Boyhood follows suit with a pretty erratic week that has numbers ranging from 0.6%-1.4%. We also welcome a bevy of patriotic shows that are meant to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army of China.

I'm not one for politics but it's actually interesting how varied the offerings are especially the top three shows which literally have something for all ages since we've got a historical drama, a sports drama and real life romance revolving around middle-aged people. Web rankings seem to reflect the same though it's notable that Lost Love in Times, The Eternal Love and Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave are doing quite well (the latter two are web-only dramas). 

Meanwhile, the ratings game on the 10pm slot grows more tense given the number of costume dramas that are broadcasting this summer and it looks like A Life Time Love and Lost Love in Times are holding their own in the top 5, which is a decent performance but still no Princess Agents whereas Legend of Dragon Pearl continues to place near the bottom of the list. 

DramaPanda Ratings

The above are mostly primetime shows that air at 19:30 while those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Rankings are overall rankings across the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time.

Top Dramas (7-day)
1. Princess Agents
2. The First Half of My Life
3. Boyhood
4. Lost Love in Times
5. The Eternal Love 
6. Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave
7. Anti-Terrorism Special Forces II
8. Battle of Jiangqiao
9. New Ode to Gallantry
10. Advisors Alliance

Top Celebrities (7-day)
1. Zanilia Zhao Li Ying
2. Kenny Lin Gengxin
3. Jin Dong
4. Karry Wang Jun Kai
5. Shawn Dou
6. Cecilia Liu Shishi
7. William Chan
8. Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi
9. Roy Wang Yuan
10. Victoria Song

*The top ten rankings are sourced from Vlinkage. **View count is based on the nine streaming sites (Youku, Tudou, iQiyi, QQ Tencent, LeTV, PPTV, Xunlei, Sohu, Mango) *** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc

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Source: Vlinkage


  1. Argh! This past week in Princess Agents was just sad. All this unrequited love, late confessions, pain, and hatred to go around. My poor YWY. And my poor Yan Xun. He doesn't get a pass for his actions from me, but damn, the poor guy just can't catch a break! Poor baby. Very Tragic character.

    While I don't expect the drama to expressly conform to the book, there is soooo much character development and resolution (the cinching of the romantic and emotional arc, for one) that needs to be done here, and I don't see how they can do that satisfactorily in 11 episodes. I'm very annoyed about all the filler they used instead of telling a good story.

    Argh! So much angst. Why can't everyone dress in bright clothes and be as insightful and happy as Xiao Ce?

    And why can't we have our initial bromance back!! It's now struck me how much I reaaaaalllly enjoyed the aloof YWY and carefree Yan Xun hanging out together. Boo!

    1. As much as all the angst/sadness is great to watch, I love the sweeter romance declaration scenes of YWY to XE, our ice prince is finally melting, lol

    2. the little kid in the picture above with YWY/XE is so adorable, he says the cutest/funniest things to them

      YWY's 2nd bromance with the 7th prince is nice too, but of course its not as fun/carefree as YWY/YX, miss them

      Hope this will have a happy ending, after all that YWY/XE went through, they deserve it, read YWY might also have a fake death soon, similar to XE's own fake death, seem more angst first before wedding?

    3. I've really enjoyed the mundane interactions between YWY and CQ. I found those to be cute and very romantic IMO. And yes, I cheered when YWY *finally* made some of his feelings known. Such a bittersweet moment.

    4. i will be crushed if it's a sad ending. That said.. I am also sad that it's ending soon. i feel like most of the story has been about YX and his revenge which I get but I just assumed there would be another arc that focuses on YWY. It doesn't seem like there's a lot of time left though..

    5. I'm trying very hard not to let the violent anger that's boiling up in me overtake my pleasure in the series. How they wasted time in the beginning with irrelevant members of the Yuwen Household, how they've let this one-note (and uninteresting) revenge and dead-eyes Yan Xun hijack the whole damn show, how the main romantic arc hasn't progressed properly, how the extra romantic arc is stagnant and just Yan Xun's obsession, I could go on and on. But I am trying very hard to be bright and think positive. I am trying hard not to ask WHYYYYY do Chinese Drama writers and production aspire to be like General and I when they could be like Nirvana in Fire instead. Is it too much to ask for a well-to-do, well-placed love-and-war story? How do you have all the elements for a riveting Drama from start to finish and choose to go about the storytelling in this way??? Sigh.

    6. With the few episodes left, they can probably cover Chu Qiao leaving Yan Xun, Chu Qiao killing the assassin with jade ring to avenge her dead mother Luo He (Luo He wanted to abolish slavery and was anti-war based on ep 17). Maybe they will even show Chu Qiao take over the Underworld spy group using her Wind And Cloud Decree. There is probably not enough episodes to show Xing Er and Yu Wen Yue go about abolishing slavery and being anti-war.

    7. For the last episode, maybe they will just show Xing Er leaving Yan Xun and she goes off and Yu Wen Yue tags along with her.

  2. YWY's limited screen time due to budget/scheduling constraints, since Zanilia already takes up a huge chunk of cast budget, that leaves limited amount for Kenny, who is also expensive, although not as expensive as Zanilia, Shawn's relatively cheaper since he doesn't have as much name recognition as Zanilia/Kenny. Kenny also had a scheduling conflict due to his heavy filming schedule, but read it was mainly due to Croton being cheap, lol, Kenny would have filmed his other projects concurrently with PA if Croton gave him more episodes. Croton was also cheap with their other dramas General & I and Chusen, Zanilia got so little screen time there with Li Yifeng, so frustrating

    1. Well they should've have considered that before casting/kept that in mind when they wrote the script. As it is now, it's just a shadow of what it could have been,and that us such a crying shame. I am so angry. I feel like I've wasted all these hours put into the drama. Ughhhh