It's a wrap for The Legends of Monkey King

Legends of Monkey King Raymond Lam Li Chen

On June 29, The Legends of Monkey King 大泼猴 which stars Raymond Lam, Jiang Meng Jie and Kenji Wu finally wrapped after half a year of filming in Hengdian World Studios. The entire production has an estimated time to completion of three years to bring an ambitious fantasy adventure story into a reality. It is directed by Chun-Man Wong who is no stranger to the genre with works like Chinese Paladin 3, Sword of Legends, etc.  

We get a glimpse of Raymond Lam in Monkey King attire alongside Li Chen (Advisors Alliance) who visited the set a few days ago. Singer-songwriter and actor Kenji Wu attempts his first costume drama as Tian Peng, a formidable general guarding the heavens. 

Legends of Monkey King Kenji Wu
Kenji Wu shared that every aspect from the director down to the cast led him to believe that everything in the drama is real. He posted on weibo, ".....Dramas are fake but the emotions are real, if there is no real emotion how can there be a good drama? Nowadays, many people compare IP and money when it comes to filming, but, if there is no real emotion, how will the viewers become invested? Thank you to the cast and crew's passion..."

To be honest, I'm not sure whether this Monkey King is going to be different in anyway from the other Monkey Kings currently ongoing and have yet to come. If this is a story about a humanized Monkey King battling against fate, then it already sounds an awful lot like Wu Kong and only time will tell whether this drama manages to be a cut above the rest. 

Legends of Monkey King Kenji Wu

Legends of Monkey King

Legends of Monkey King Kenji Wu

Legends of Monkey King Kenji Wu

Legends of Monkey


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