Happy Father's Day

Once Upon A Time Yang Yang

In celebration of this special day, a number of productions have been quick to share their versions of a father and son bonding moment. From trying-to-be-stern dads to doting fathers, which one do you like best? I choose Liu Yi Jun from Lost Love in Times. He trumps everyone with so many kids!

Lost Love in Times

Empress Dugu Chen Xiao

Midnight Diner Mark Chao

Oldboy Liu Ye

Martial Universe Yang Yang

The King's Woman Vin Zhang


  1. All these pics are adorable :)

  2. who is the male actor from the third photo? he looks a lot like an actor that acted in the legend of the dragon pearl but can't seem to find his name

    1. The actor in third photo is Chen Xiao from his upcoming drama Empress Dugu