First character stills for Luhan and Guan Xiaotong's new sports drama

Tianmi Baoji Luhan
This one popped up out of the blue, but I think that it could work given the universal appeal of stories revolving around ordinary people with big dreams. The stage takes place in a martial arts school, much like the very successful Whirlwind Girl, and it brings together students from different walks of life, each having their own reasons for training. 

It goes without saying that we can expect a lot of heart, energy and plenty of hand to hand combat. Luhan (Fighter of the Destiny) takes the lead as Ming Tian (translates to Tomorrow). He is the dependable big brother and someone who never gives up once he steps onto the ring. Guan Xiaotong (Xuan Yuan Sword) is Fang Yu, a queen whenever she's in competition. The rest of the cast includes Pei Zi Tian, Ivy Shao Yu Wei, Zhao Yue and Li Meng Meng

Tianmi Baoji 甜蜜暴击 is produced by Huace Film & TV, Jinxi Film & TV and Mango TV.  

Guan Xiaotong Tianmi Baoji

Tim Pei Zi Tian Tianmi Baoji

Ivy Shao Yuwei Tianmi Baoji

Zhao Yue Tianmi Baoji

Li Meng Meng Tianmi Baoji


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