The actor who's missing from Fighter of the Destiny

Rico Gu Hyun Ho Fighter of the Destiny

You may have heard about the hallyu ban but its after effects are closer than you think. For one thing, I was surprised to learn that there is someone in Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 who has yet to appear and probably never will.

In the first batch of posters for the show, one features Korean bodybuilder and model Gu Hyun Ho who forays into acting for the first time. He plays Zhe Xiu, a half-demon and half-human who has the animalistic traits of a wolf that can cause him to lose all sense of self. He has led a difficult and solitary life due to people's fear of his powerful abilities, that is, until he strikes a friendship with Chen Chang Sheng and gang and then finds a budding romance with Qi Jian. 

Speaking strictly regarding the role, his character seems genuinely interesting so it is unfortunate that the newbie actor's television debut would go up in smokes but at least he seems to be doing well on his own, judging from a very attention-grabbing instagram.

Rico Gu Hyun Ho

Rico Gu Hyun Ho

Source: Popo, Yiwan 

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