The Adventurers (Movie)

The Adventurers Chinese movie

The Adventurers 侠盗联盟 has a star studded cast with Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Tony Yo-ning Yang, Zhang Jing Chu and French actor Jean Reno. It is a movie directed by Stephen Fung, who returns from Hollywood after working on the AMC TV series Into the Badlands. He also reunites with girlfriend-turned-wife Shu Qi in this production.

It has all the elements of a great heist - a team of expert thieves, a valuable prize consisting of Gaia treasures in Europe and a plan that goes awry and shifts to plan B. The team is lead by Zhang Dan, an ex-convict, Xiao Bao, a tech guy and Ye Hong, the deadly beauty. However, they must face relentless pursuit from French detective Pierre in a story that is not only set for action, but a battle of wits between Pierre and Zhang Dan.

The trailer looks very promising and chock-full of high-speed chases and explosions. With the level of technology and security nowadays, it will be quite a show watching the two masterminds and just the kind of movie with the potential to be a commercial success. 

Release Date: August 11, 2017

The Adventurers Andy Lau

The Adventurers Shu Qi

The Adventurers Tony Yo-ning Yang

The Adventurers Jean Reno

The Adventurers Zhang Jingchu

The Adventurers Andy Lau

The Adventurers Shu Qi


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