God of Lost Fantasy

Swire God Peter Sheng

Coming right on the heels of Peter Sheng and Olivia Wang's casting announcement are their first character stills, and frankly, it seems to be doing more harm than good in my book because I already had concerns with the cast and now I've found another reason to like it even less, at least it still has a great plot. 

God of Lost Fantasy, previously Swire God 太古神王, is a 48-episode Chinese TV series based on the popular fantasy web novel by Jing Wu Hen 净无痕. It tells the story of Qin Wen Tian, the adopted son of the Qin Family who is known to be a weakling. He was sent to the Bai Manor to fulfill his part in a marriage alliance but the Bai Family finds a better partner in the Ye Family and reneges on their promise, even attempting to kill Qin Wen Tian.

In the meantime, there is also a revolt in the palace and the Qin Family become hapless scapegoats. Qin Wen Tian escapes and vows to regain what he has lost. He comes under the tutelage of Jiu Hua Men and inadvertently finds the Crown Prince. With the help of Mo Qing Cheng and their friends, he makes it his mission to help the Crown Prince ascend to the throne.   

Release Date: TBD

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Swire God Olivia Wang


  1. The first part sounds like Fighter of the Destiny, while the second reminds me of Nirvana in Fire.

    1. Didn't make the connection initially but now that you mention it, it's so true.

  2. I so want to find somewhere I can watch/get this with english subs.