Liu Ye and Ariel Lin to play a bickering pair in Oldboy

Oldboy Ariel Lin Liu Ye

Wouldn't it be nice if this was actually related to Oldboy, more specifically the badass movie that's part of the Vengeance Trilogy? After the initial letdown upon finding that this is no dark mystery thriller, I can now take a step back to appreciate this new production for what it is and it brings together two very solid actors. 

Liu Ye plays an accomplished pilot who is an oldboy in a literal sense of the word. He is a middle-aged man with no adult responsibilities until a son he never knew existed comes knocking on his doors, along with a one-of-a-kind teacher played by Ariel Lin

There's definitely a lot to be anticipated from this new couple pairing though it's hard for me to envision them together. Ariel Lin is forever young in my mind while Liu Ye strikes me as having a much older vibe even though in reality, they're only five four years apart. I suppose narratively speaking, it's perfectly casted given their respective roles as a 40-something man and a school teacher.

Oldboy Ariel Lin

Oldboy Liu Ye


  1. +1 for the Oldboy reference. That was my first thought too. I was wondering how on earth you could turn that into a regular drama!

    I immediately assumed there was a big age difference between Ariel and Liu Ye until you said it was only a 5 year age gap. You are right they both give of a very different feeling agewise

    1. even less now.. apparently they're only four years apart:)