Lay Zhang and Kan Qing Zi up for the Chinese remake of Pretty Proofreader

Pretty Proofreader Lay Kan Qing Zi

Operation Love 求婚大作战 is in the midst of broadcast but as these things go, there are already talks of Lay Zhang Yixing's next possible project opposite Kan Qing Zi. If proven to be true, he will be jumping right into a remake of yet another popular Japanese drama.

The source material is based on the Kouetsu Girl novel series by Ayako Miyagi that was adapted into the 2016 J-Drama starring Satomi Ishihara and Masaki Suda. The plot revolves around an aspiring fashion editor who takes a job in a publishing company and becomes a proofreader. It's not the most ideal situation, and how she makes the best of it is undoubtedly going to be the heart of the story.  

I'm just glad to see Kan Qing Zi heading up more leading roles because from what I have seen, she is a very talented actress with lots of onscreen presence and I won't be surprised to see her bring it as the female lead. Opposite Lay, they make an adorable pair. 

Pretty Proofreader J-drama
Source: Sohu, Kan Qing Zi, Lay


  1. omg lay that hairstyle lmao

  2. I would have thought he'd be a bit wary of another Japanese drama remake as Operation Love doesn't seem to have had a great reception. Sounds interesting though. Might see if I can watch the Japanese version if there are subs.