Disney and Jaywalk Studio enter into a deal to make movies together

Jiaxing Jaywalk Studio
On May 10, Jaywalk Studio shared details of its two-year agreement with Walt Disney China indicating that they will be working on a live-action movie(s) as partners. The collaboration includes but is not limited to existing projects of both companies and/or their respective partners as well as any sequels and remakes. 

A film that is inherently Chinese will be completed each year and a conscious effort will be made to find a screenplay suitable for Jaywalk Studio's homegrown talents.

This partnership is a good way for Disney to break into the lucrative Chinese market but it is especially huge for Jaywalk Studio, also known as Jiaxing, which was only established in 2014. For those who don't know, this is the company that has Yang Mi listed as one of its shareholders and houses stars like Dilraba DilmuratVin ZhangVengo Gao and Maggie Huang. Unfortunately, Mark Chao is not part of the fold, though it would be really nice if he was. 

Ever since Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, the company's value has multiplied tenfold to be worth a whopping RMB 5 billion, proving that a strategy built around its stars is a winning one. Over the years, It has cleverly banked on Yang Mi's popularity to make movies like The Witness and Reset but has shown that it can be successful at promoting its other artists with the recently premiered Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice starring Dilraba Dilmurat. 

The possibilities certainly seem endless from hereon but there's only one thing on my mind at this point. Which movie is it going to be? Can it be Mulan? 

Source: Sina, Ent163


  1. Fantastic news! Could this deal be related with Disney's upcoming Mulan Live Action film? ��

  2. I can foresee Yang Mi will lead at least 1 movie in those 2 and Raba will probably lead one as she is clearly upcoming one they are investing right now.
    Isn't Mulan a bigger project and has been screen-tested? So I don't think they will over take that one.
    But can Mark sign with JW too so I can watch him and YM playing n projects together? Their chemistry and harmony is everything