Character introductions: Princess Agents

Princess Agents Zanilia Zhao Li Ying

Why am I reminded of Mel Gibson shouting "Freeeedommm!"? It actually seems fitting in some ways given the premise of Princess Agents 楚乔传. There are only four days left till the highly-anticipated premiere and seriously, what more is there to say, I cannot wait (some character descriptions have been revised after broadcast). 

Zanilia Zhao Li Ying plays Chu Qiao, a slave who is clever, courageous and extremely resilient. Her life once hung by a thread when she was treated as a mere plaything by her aggressors. She was also
forced to watch helplessly as her loved ones died in vain, and in a world with no regard for human life, she strives on a path of change to become the leader of a rebellion.

Princess Agents Kenny Lin Gengxin
Kenny Lin Gengxin plays Yuwen Yue, the fourth young master of the Yuwen Manor and a man who has both brains and brawn. From a high and mighty noble struggling to survive and overpower his enemies in a political family, he was slowly influenced by Chu Qiao to become her greatest supporter. He also comes to play an instrumental role in establishing a new world. 

Princess Agents Shawn Dou
Shawn Dou plays Yan Xun, a lord of Northern Yan who was sent to live in Wei. He appears cheerful and carefree but he is a very prudent man who takes special care to hide his strengths. He forms an earnest friendship with Chu Qiao and they learn to rely on each other during their lowest days. However, he witnessed the destruction of his entire clan by the hands of Imperial Wei and he makes it his life's mission to avenge his family, thus bidding his time in a long-running revenge that has taken eight years in the making.   

Princess Agents Li Qin
Li Qin plays Yuan Chun, a princess of Western Wei. She is a kind and simple girl who likes Yan Xun. However, circumstances that range from being abandoned on her wedding day and being betrayed by the person she cares about the most has left her with nothing but bitterness.  

Princess Agents Deng Lun
Deng Lun plays Xiao Ce, the crown prince of Southern Liang. He seems unruly at first glance but he is actually very sharp and intelligent. He is the second lead that we'll probably end up crying buckets for. He is in love with Chu Qiao but chooses to keep his feelings to himself and remain quietly by her side. He feels that Yuwen Yue is the man for Chu Qiao and willingly steps aside to help the couple find happiness. Chu Qiao considers him to be her bestfriend. 

Princess Agents Alan Wang Yanlin
Alan Wang Yanlin as Yuwen Huai, the eldest young master of the Yuwen Manor. He is Yuwen Yue's older brother and biggest rival in a power struggle within their own clan. He is basically the character who is an outright villain from the very beginning (even his name implies that he is bad).

Princess Agents Niu Jun Feng
Niu Jun Feng plays Yuan Song, the thirteenth prince of Western Wei. He used to be bright, cheery and without a care in the world. However, after experiencing an upheaval because of the rebellion of the Yan Army, he becomes hellbent on revenge and attempts to assassinate Yan Xun. 

Princess Agents Maggie Huang
Maggie Huang plays Xiao Yu, the crown princess of Western Liang and the elder sister of Xiao Ce. She is clever and calculating and wields great power as the head of the spy network in Liang.


  1. Thank you! What awesome characters! I hope this has a good ending? X)

    1. apparently ZLY's characters tend to have sad endings, maybe this one will buck the trend:) Besides, with a premise that is heavy and seemingly tragic from the get go, I'm thinking that there has to be light at the end of the tunnel (at least i hope so).

  2. *sigh* As if I hadn't enough time already to watch all dramas that I want to watch. Oh well, I'll put this off a while and binge at some point. Still, this sounds awfully good...

  3. looking forward!! be good drama, be good!!

  4. My must watch ZLY new drama! Can't hardly wait! 4 days and counting.......!

  5. @AnneJ Fingers crossed! The start is so depressing, so the end must be happy. ^_^

  6. Thank you for the character introductions. I can't wait to watch. So excited for ZLY!!!

  7. Have you started watching it, I caught the first two episodes, and while the setup is interesting, the CGI(???) is soooooo terrible. My goodness. Even with the exceptions made for wuxia, it is quite colossally bad.

  8. this drama I have watched till episode 27..
    but the next episode I couldn't find on Youtube..

    does anyone know the website..?

    reply please

    1. i literally just watched 28 here, not sure how long the link will be up but it is the latest episode. The new ones will air later tonight.

  9. i just love this drama. i like that it is showing womens power, the strongest side of women

  10. Will yuwen yue and chu qiao be together? Love this couple.. They match each other in this movie...

  11. hopefully there will be a part two series very nice movie but, it's too short to be the ending both chu chiao and yan xun all this time they want to fight for their country and it's sad to see them not together what they want for their people of yanbei