Zanilia Zhao takes a group selfie with Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei, Simon Yam and Wang Xiao Li

ZLY 72 Floors of Mystery

Zanilia Zhao uploaded a photo of herself and her new cast mates for the variety show 72 Floors of Mystery. Thank goodness for social media because the picture is very share-worthy indeed. 

Entirely clad in black, the group seems to have enjoyed a big meal after work though it's funny that a huge smiley is stamped over the food. Despite being a late addition, it's nice to see Zanilia Zhao immediately at home with the newly-minted and she looks great and not at all as tired and overworked as she seemed the last few months. 

Many have also been quick to point out the resemblance between Kris Wu and Leo Wu who could easily pass for siblings. I don't know much about Wang Xiao Li, the bald guy, but he definitely has the warmest smile of all while Simon Yam is still suave and sharp even though he's the oldest at age 61.

Leo Wu shared the same photo on instagram with the caption, "used #24Hours to reach #72FloorsofMystery, waiting for May 5," effectively promoting both variety shows that he's in and also including a save the date for the upcoming premiere of 72 Floors of Mystery. 

ZLY 72 Floors of Mystery


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