Producer Yu Zheng is the surprise addition to Untouchable Lovers

Yu Zheng Feng Qiu Huang

I couldn't believe what I was reading, but it's true. Yu Zheng who is the producer and screenwriter of the upcoming drama adaptation of Feng Qiu Huang joins the cast led by Guan Xiaotong and Song Weilong.

The announcement was made on the show's official weibo on April 28, "Adding yet another bigwig to the cast! It is none other than the show's producer and screenwriter @YuZheng1978! Wielding a precious sword, wearing a suit of armor. Can you guess what role Teacher Yu Zheng will play?"

Yu Zheng Feng Qiu Huang weibo
In a way, this reminds me of Stan Lee making cameos in his own Marvel movies, except Yu Zheng doesn't enjoy the best rep these days. As a filmmaker, he has established himself with hits like Palace: The Lockheart Jade and Legend of Lu Zhen but his less notable works have also been controversial with the loudest one probably being the plagiarism case filed by romance novelist Chiung Yao

It's not exactly easy to be supportive of his acting debut and I get the sense that fans of the novel are probably even more dismayed but surely, it's so outrageous that you gotta find humor in this.  

Yu Zheng Feng Qiu Huang


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