Operation Love drops the sheet music to its theme song Wish

Operation Love

There is only one more day until Lay Zhang Yixing turns into a time-traveling loverboy in Operation Love but before we get to see him, we get another present first as the show shares the sheet music to its theme song Wish "Qi Yuan" composed by none other than Lay. 

While largely known for his smexy dance moves, Lay has actually been shown to have a passion for music composition since his EXO Showtime days so it's nice to see that he's able to put it to good use here

I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb at best so lest this be wasted on me, I'm resharing instead. The piano arrangement is done by Kang Xiao Kang and performed by Song Si Heng and the music video has made its way to youtube too. 

Operation Love sheet music


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