The Flame's Daughter begins filming

Liehuo Ruge

On March 30, Vic Chou, Dilraba Dilmurat, Vin Zhang Binbin and Liu Rui Lin attended the opening ceremony for The Flame's Daughter 烈火如歌 in Xiang Shan, Zhejiang Province. It was a relatively low-frills event with the spotlight on the four main leads and the Director. 

They went through the motions of the typical prayer ceremony and the unveiling of the filming equipment and the production prepared three in total, so really, Vin Zhang must have a substantial role and he is not just a second lead, right?

Being the biggest name, Vic Chou is obviously the headliner but he is also the odd one out being a bit older than his colleagues who are mostly 90's kids. He's the only one from Taiwan too and the only one married with a kid, what's more, his co-stars have all worked together before with Dilraba and Vin Zhang literally coming from The King's Woman which wrapped less than two weeks ago. Even so, visually they're a striking bunch and I'm looking forward to what chemistry they will bring. 

On another note, it's amusing how Vin Zhang's civilian clothing from head to toe could actually pass for a costume including the shades of course.

Liehuo Ruge
Liehuo Ruge Vic Chou

Liehuo Ruge Dilraba Dilmurat

Liehuo Ruge Vin Zhang Binbin

Liehuo Ruge Liu Rui Lin

Liehuo Ruge

Liehuo Ruge Vic Chou Dilraba Dilmurat

Liehuo Ruge filming


  1. I'm so excited. I miss seeing Vic Zhou!!

  2. Vin Zhang does look a bit like he stepped out from the Matrix... Which kind of makes me want him to do a nice action adventure drama/movie for a change of pace.

    1. I'd like to see him in a modern drama too. He has a very manly vibe and he can really wear a suit.

  3. Vin Zhang's civilian clothing does look like it could be a costume! Someone should have given Liu Rui Lin the memo so he could colour block like everyone else!

    I get the feeling from the story and his character synopsis and the poster that Vin's character might be somewhat of a tragic and misguided villain in the story until he finds out the truth about what really happened to his parents by which time it's too late.

    I agree with you Vic Zhou seems the odd one out of the leads. I just can't imagine romantic chemistry between he and Dilraba at all. I crushed on him back in the idol days but now he just gives me dad/uncle vibes.